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Please make sure that you already have one of the undermentioned scripts installed on your website.

Classified Made Easy OR

Real Estate Made Simple OR

Auto Trading Made Easy

To install and activate visit count plugin, please follow these steps:

1. Download the zip archive of  Visit count plugin on your computer.

2.  Unpack the zip archive to a folder  visit-count. The folder named visit-count should have all the files in it i.e. default.php and the Help folder which is optional.

   Please make sure that visit-count folder is not already inside an visit-count folder as sometimes while extraction, it creates a folder inside a folder with same name.

3. Upload the folder named visit-count to the plugins folder of one of the above mentioned scripts.

4. Log-in as admin to your website and you'll see a new menu item named Visit Counter.

Click on it and check Enable Visit Counter Plugin option

5. Click on Update Options button

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